Payam Pi Montazami Fine Arts

Who am I?

Born in Iran, raised in Belgium and a long time dweller of Montreal, Payam “Pi” Montazami has been expressing culturally relevant subject matter through surreal art for over 10 years. Through his paintings, sculptures, and fine arts photography, Pi seeks to challenge and probe his audience as much as his audience shapes and influences his works. At first glance, the viewer is drawn in by the distorted beauty and seeping humor of Pi’s pieces. A closer scrutiny, however, invites a deeper emotional connection.

A predominant theme in Pi’s works is the ramifications of tampering with nature. This is evidenced in the accents and contrasts provided by the unnatural creatures inhabiting his otherworldly landscapes.

In his delivery, Pi combines traditional forms of art media, such as paint and physical materials, with the added edge of the electronic and digital arts.

He currently continues to produce unique pieces and to support art in his community. Pi holds a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal.

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What do I bring to the table?

Painting 95%
Sculpting 90%
Photography 85%
Awesomeness 100%